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Please Check Your Camera – Enjoy the Hockey Game

San Jose Sharks After I got My Camera Back

Last Saturday we were able to attend a San Jose Shark’s professional hockey game. I was very excited, this would be our second hockey game and the first time at the SAP Arena to watch ‘our team’ the Sharks play. I was planning on taking my camera in to get some great pictures for personal use, but this would mean we would need to check the “Camera Policy” for the Sharks and also for the SAP Arena. I’d hate to show up and be told, “I’m sorry sir, you’ll have to take that back to your car!”…or even worse, “I’m sorry you can’t come in with that…oh you came via Uber, you don’t have a car, you still can’t come in!”

As my wife read me the info, no lens larger than 6 inches, I thought I would get out the measuring tape and see what I could take. The 70-200mm was too big, I wonder about the 70-300mm, I know it isn’t as fast but it is smaller and lighter! It was right on the borderline of six inches, “Fantastic” I thought it takes pretty good images. I was set. Fast forward to the security line to get in….”Just a minute sir….as he turned his head and raised his voice “Camera!”. A nice lady walks calmly over and picks up my camera, “I’m sorry sir, this is too big to bring in.” I quickly quipped, “Your website said lenses up to six inches were acceptable!??” And without a second of hesitation, she turned the zoom ring, she was on it from first grab, zoooom out went the lens, “No this is definitely over six inches. I’m sorry you’ll have to return it to your car, or you could check it with the Events Office.” I said I Ubered. And while still holding onto my camera, she escorted me into the Event Office, and handed the camera over to a gentleman who gave me a ticket to place my name and number on to attach to the camera and a stub for my pocket! “Thank you, Please enjoy the hockey game!”

Well there it was, realization of my worst fear, THEY took my CAMERA! “Excuse me,” I said, can I see my camera for a second?” I’m sure my wife thought I was going to give it a kiss goodbye, but when they handed it back I grabbed the memory cards, just in case, all our Joshua Tree National Park pictures were on those. I didn’t need to have them come up missing, bad enough I had to turn over my camera. The man explained to the other lady behind the counter, he’d have done the same thing, protecting the investment of whatever was saved there.

Now I had been feeling a little bit upset over this ordeal, their website didn’t say lenses with the zoom extended. But they didn’t say retracted either. I thought what I wanted to hear, and ran with it. They were just doing their job. It was time for me to take the high road and their advice, “Please enjoy the hockey game!” Which I thoroughly did. Sharks beat the Eastern Conference Number 1 team, the Tampa Bay Lightning 5 – 2! We had great seats and family to share the experience with! Thanks Sean and Susan…AWESOME!

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  1. Actually, Your wife (me) was thinking you were going to take the camera and wander the streets for two hours taking pictures and skip the game so you wouldn’t have to give up the camera! Good job of letting go. I admit, there’s definitely some jealousy here but you and the camera take great pictures ….I’m anxious to see what’s next!

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